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Car Transport Adelaide

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Looking for Interstate Car Transport Quote Adelaide

Are you searching for transport services in Adelaide to move your car, van, truck, or any other vehicle to any intrastate or interstate destination with an end-to-end service?

Welcome to Auto Mover.

We are one of the trusted choices for the individuals and businesses of Australia for relocating their vehicles as we carry several years of consistent quality service. So whether you want car transport from Adelaide to any northern coastal cities, western coastal destination, or Melbourne, we guarantee you a seamless service experience.


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Wide Range Of Vehicle Transport Services

We help individual vehicle owners and businesses to relocate most types of vehicles to their destination. At Auto Mover Adelaide, we have custom-made vehicle carriers for most vehicle types available on the market. Our range of services include:

Even if you have an immovable or unregistered vehicle, you can connect with us for hassle-free transport of it to the destination. Our team will come to your doorstep, collect the vehicle, move it to the destination, and deliver it to your new address.

Quick Interstate Car Transport

You may have apprehensions when choosing a vehicle transport service for moving your vehicle a few thousand kilometres. At Auto Mover, we have standardised procedures, optimised operations, an excellent fleet of vehicle carriers, and a team of highly experience transport professionals and drivers to move your vehicle.

We centrally plan the movement of each of our vehicle carriers and monitor to ensure timely arrival of them to the destination. This means that we consider short routes, weather forecast of places along the route, rush hour traffic, and more to plan the vehicles’ movement efficiently. We also have contingency plans in place to address any unforeseen circumstances.

All these guarantee quick delivery of your vehicle to the destination. Go through our estimated transit times to get an idea about our average vehicle transport times to the major destinations.

Budget Vehicle Transport

The streamlined procedures and our range of car carriers guarantee you vehicle transport at highly competitive rates. Importantly, we have multilevel vehicle carriers – both open and closed – to move multiple vehicles at a time. And this reflects in the total cost of the service and help us offer budget vehicle transport services.

Similarly, you have the option to leave your vehicle with our depot in Adelaide and collect it from the destination depot or get door-to-door service. You will also get an upfront FREE quote for moving your vehicle to make the service a completely transparent experience.

Safety Is Guaranteed

All our vehicle carriers are purpose-built vehicles to ensure the safest transport of our customers’ vehicles. Some of the safety features incorporated into our carriers to increase the safety of your vehicle include advanced shock-absorbing technology, hydraulic lifting systems, and state-of-the-art braking systems.

All our drivers are licensed and carry several years of experience in transporting different vehicles to various Australian destinations. Additionally, all our services are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. You can monitor the movement of your vehicle in real-time using our online tracking tool.

Wide Range Of Vehicle Carriers

We have a large fleet of vehicle carriers with a different vehicle carrying capacity to provide tailored services based on our customers’ needs. Our vehicle carriers include single car hauliers, multilevel enclosed vehicle carriers, and multilevel open vehicle carriers. All these vehicle carriers are engineered to transport the vehicles of our customers with total safety.

If you want to move your vehicle to a remote destination with narrow roads, our single car hauliers can be your finest choice. On the other hand, multilevel carriers allow you to get vehicle transport at highly competitive rates. We welcome you to contact our transport consultants to learn more about our truck, van, boat, caravan, and car carriers in Adelaide and how you can tailor the service based on your priorities.

Why Choose Auto Mover For Your Vehicle Transport?

Nationwide Network

We began our operations in 2006 and consistently grew with excellent service standards. Today, we have established our network in every nook and corner of Australia. We also have offices and depots in all the major cities and towns of the country.
All these help us to provide a seamless, complete, and quick service to our customers.

Door-To-Door Or Depot-To-Depot Service

As a leading vehicle transport company, we know the priorities of our customers when they want to choose a vehicle transport service. And we try to address their specific needs in all possible ways. We offer both door-to-door and depot-to-depot service.
While a door-to-door service allows you to get a complete service with doorstep pick and doorstep delivery, the depot-to-depot service is an option for you if you want more flexibility in the service.

No Hidden Costs

At Auto Mover, transparency is part of our business philosophy as we consider it as the primary factor for our customers’ trust in us. You will get an upfront FREE quote for your vehicle transport to get a hassle-free service.
There is no toll fees, miscellaneous charges, or hidden costs, and you just pay the quote for the service.

Total Satisfaction Guaranteed

From the moment you contact us, you will get a complete service experience. Our transport consultants will listen to your needs, create a custom vehicle transport plan, provide the plan’s details, and arrange the pick-up.
You will get regular communication from us as long as your vehicle is on our network. You can also monitor the movement of your vehicle in real-time using our online tracking tool. Additionally, you can contact us 24/7 with your instructions and requests and have total control over your vehicle relocation.

Car Transport Adelaide FAQs

A number of factors decide the cost of transporting a car to any destination in Australia. It includes the type of carrier you choose, the distance to the destination, and the type of service – door-to-door or depot-to-depot. On average, you can expect your car transport to an interstate destination in the range of $400-$1700. On the other hand, if you want to move your vehicle to the next city or any nearby destination, it may cost you between $120-$500.

Keep in mind that it might reflect in the price if you have a modified car with nonstandard dimension or extra accessories. Importantly, it would help if you communicated this with us while seeking a quote from us.

A great car transport company should be giving all the possible ways to tailor the service according to the customers’ needs. It should be a complete service, without any hidden costs, delays in delivery, and lack of communication. People should have total control over the movement of their vehicle and feel that they are getting a high-quality service.

At Auto Mover, we strive to be the best car transport company by listening to our customers and serving them by understanding their requirements. Talk to our transport consultants to learn and experience our seamless service.

The time for transporting a vehicle is mainly depending on the destination to which it is being shipped. On average, a vehicle transport from Adelaide to Perth, Cairns, or Townsville takes 21-28 business days, whereas Adelaide to Melbourne takes 5-8 days. If you want to move your vehicle from Adelaide to Sydney, it may take 8-12 business days.
You can get accurate dates by contacting our transport consultants and letting us know your transport needs.
We welcome our customers to pack their stuff in boxes and safely place it inside their car to be transported along with the vehicle. Keep in mind that the insurance does not cover the items placed in the vehicle. Therefore, we request you to avoid putting expensive, fragile, or personal items in the vehicle. Pay attention to pack the stuff properly in boxes to minimise the risks of damage during the transport.
Customising the service based on price factor can be a great choice for you to minimise the car transport cost. For instance, depot-to-depot service is cheaper than door-to-door service. Similarly, if you choose express delivery, you might see the shipping price significantly going up. Also, choosing a multilevel open carrier for your vehicle transport is always an economical option compared to other vehicle carrier types.
You can also request upfront quotes from various vehicle transport providers, compare the prices – including the breakups, try to learn the service standards of the business, and decide based on who provides the best value service.

Arrange Your Vehicle Pickup With An Upfront Quote

Call us on 1300 13 88 77 or use our contact form to know your vehicle transport requirements. We will provide you with an upfront FREE quote and guide you to get a superior quality vehicle transport experience.