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The Best Car Transport Service Melbourne to Perth

Do you want to transport your vehicle from one state to another in Australia? Are you looking for the best interstate car transport Melbourne to Perth? Then, look no further when you have Auto Mover to provide you with safe and reliable vehicle transportation services across the country. At Auto Mover, we are a well-known Interstate vehicle transport company, established in 2006, ensuring professional transit of a variety of vehicles both door-to-door and depot-to-depot. We have our own fleet of licensed, insured, and fully equipped trucks to provide the professional vehicle transport Melbourne to Perth services. We have transported thousands of vehicles such as cars, boats, caravan, trailers, trucks, Jet Ski, and others, and helped our clients with safe, stress-free, and professional services. Whether you need to transport full loads of cars or a single car, no matter what your vehicle hauling needs, you cannot find any other company more credible in this business. We also offer free car transport online quote Melbourne to Perth. Our team is expert in doing what we say and commit to doing.


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Car Carriers Melbourne to Perth

When you choose Auto Mover, it means you are going to get trustable, safe, and professional car carriers Melbourne to Perth service. Working with our team means your vehicle is in the hands of experts. Our team does everything to make the car transport Melbourne to Perth process smooth and efficient for you.
Are you relocating to Perth from Melbourne? Are you selling your car to someone who lives in Perth? Car carriers service at Auto Mover can make everything happen from one location to another quite conveniently. We are here to give you the best vehicle transportation experience with experts having years of experience in handling Quick & easy interstate car transport Melbourne to Perth service.

Truck Relocation Melbourne to Perth

Auto Mover also provides truck relocation Melbourne to Perth service. We have helped various kinds of clients with interstate truck transport Melbourne to Perth service. No matter whether you want to transport a bucket truck, semi-truck, garbage truck, or any other type of truck, we can take care of everything for you. The necessary tools, trailers, and expertise make it easier for us to handle all kinds of truck transport needs.
With years of experience in the industry, we have highly experienced staff and highly trained drivers who can transport trucks from Melbourne to Perth safely and efficiently. We combine top-quality service with competitive prices to provide the highest quality transportation services in the industry.

Vans Transport Melbourne to Perth

No worries if you are looking for someone who can transport your van to Perth. Here at Auto Mover, we provide van transport Melbourne to Perth service to those who do not want to drive their vans to a new destination. We are well-equipped with the tools and expertise to transport all types of vans. These can be passenger vans, cargo vans, sprinter vans, and others.
We will be happy to assist you in obtaining car transport online quote Melbourne to Perth. Auto Mover is continually aiming to improve the services to suit the best to the client’s needs. With our competitive pricing and years of experience, you can enjoy peace of mind when you know that your van is in good hands.

Trailers Transport Melbourne to Perth

Need your trailer to be shipped from Melbourne to Perth? Auto Mover has transported hundreds of different types of trailers. No matter what type of trailers transport Melbourne to Perth service you are looking for, we can help you with all services. We have the licenses, tools, and required equipment to provide this service. Not all companies are fully equipped to handle heavy transporting. But here at Auto Mover, we can transport almost every vehicle.
We aim to achieve superiority in whatever we do. Apart from the type of size of trailers, the transportation of heavy vehicles is not much different from transporting a car. However, certain equipment and expertise can ease this task. We have everything to make this process easier and smooth. Obviously, you will always want to leave large vehicle transportation in the hands of someone having great expertise and is highly trained to do the job rightly.

Caravan Transport Melbourne to Perth

Are you looking for caravan shipping services? Auto Mover can ease this task by transporting your caravan from one location to another easily and safely. For caravan transport Melbourne to Perth, we use special tools and trucks. Luckily, we have high expertise in transporting all different types of caravan.
Our team has worked with transporting various makes and models. We understand that locating an interstate vehicle transport Melbourne to Perth can be frustrating for many people. You can trust us for transporting your caravan and are highly equipped to perform this task simply and efficiently. We strive to offer unbeatable prices and are extremely committed to providing the service without compromising quality standards.

Boat And Jet-Ski Transport Melbourne to Perth

Auto Mover does not just focus on providing car transportation service across Australia; we also focus on transporting boats as well. Do you require moving your yacht or boat from Melbourne to Perth? Have you just bought a boat and want to take it to its new home in Perth? We are here to help you.
We have the right transportation vehicle, tools, and equipment for your boat shipping process. Just like car transportation, you also need a transport company that provides boat transport Melbourne to Perth service at a competitive price than others. Whether you need to move your boat or Jet Ski, we are always here to offer cost-effective boat transport Melbourne to Perth service with a professional touch.

SAFE Car Transport Melbourne to Perth FAQs

The price of car transport from Melbourne to Perth ranges from $1,050 to $2,900. You must know that this cost varies depending on the type of carrier, type of car, and type of transport option. We offer both door to door and depot to depot transport services. The cost of door to door transport is higher than depot to depot transport. Choosing an enclosed transport carrier costs you more than an open transport carrier.
Call us on 1300 13 88 77 or fill the instant quote form online to get the exact price of your vehicle transport.
Auto Mover is a recognised vehicle transport company that offers car, truck, caravan, trailers, boat, jetski, and van transport Melbourne to Perth services. We have served thousands of clients with interstate vehicle transport solutions in Australia.
1. Our all transport services are priced reasonably without any hidden costs.
2. We offer excellent door to door and depot to depot transport services across Australia.
3. We aim to give safe, convenient and professional transport services by assuring 100% satisfactory customer service.
4. We provide instant vehicle transport quotes so that you can make a quick decision on your vehicle shipment.
5. We have a fleet of advanced and fully equipped carriers and trailers for transportation.
Yes, your vehicle is fully insured. We make sure that everything goes safe and effectively. Your vehicle will be picked up within 24 hours of booking the transport service. We will email all the details of the booking and insurance to you. You need to be ready with the papers before the driver reaches your pickup place.
When the driver picks up the vehicle for transport, he will examine the Bill of Lading and Vehicle Inspection Report. You and the driver will sign these documents, and you will receive a copy of them. The driver ensures to deliver your vehicle to the destination in the same condition.
The selection of open or enclosed carriers depends on the type of car you want to transport. If you have a luxury car, it is good to transport your car in an enclosed carrier as it will protect the car from dust, debris, weather conditions, and other external elements while transporting.
For ordinary new or used cars, an open carrier is the best choice. An open transport carrier costs less than an enclosed transport carrier. Enclosed carriers can be a good choice for high-value vehicles.
Yes, of course, we provide a discount for shipping multiple vehicles. The discount depends on the number of vehicles you want to transport and other particulars of the order. Give us a call on 1300 13 88 77, and we will let you know the exact discount you are eligible for.
When you look for the best transport company, you want your vehicle’s safety and fast shipment professionally and efficiently. We at Auto Mover ensure safe and efficient car transport and van, caravan, boat, jetski, car carriers, and truck relocation Melbourne to Perth services. We transport all kinds of vehicles, regardless of all shapes and sizes.
To book your car transport, simply contact us on 1300 13 88 77 and alternatively, fill the form for an instant quote. Our expert will reach you shortly with all the details regarding your transport needs.
No, there is no hidden charge. When you contact us and finalise the booking, you will be notified about all the details, like pickup and drop off date and time, transport cost, and other required paperwork. We aim to provide secure vehicle transportation with no hidden cost.
The time to transport your vehicle depends on the location, type of vehicle, type of transport, and type of carrier. If you have special transport needs, it may also affect the transport time. For car, truck, van, caravan, boat, and jetski transport Melbourne to Perth, it may take 7-14 working days.
We guarantee to deliver your vehicle by the agreed date. In rare cases, due to weather conditions and others out of our control, it may affect the delivery date. We will inform you about everything before finalising the booking. You can request a quote and know about the transport time by contacting us on 1300 13 88 77, or you can drop an email at [email protected].

Contact Interstate Vehicle Transport Melbourne to Perth

If you are looking for transporting any kind of vehicle to your desired destination at affordable prices, interstate vehicle transport Melbourne to Perth service at Auto Mover can help you. Contact us today at 1300 13 88 77 or you can drop an email with the details at [email protected].