Car Transport Melbourne

Car Transport Melbourne

Interstate Car Transport Services in Melbourne

Are you searching for professional, reliable car transport in Melbourne or nearby destination? Do you want fast, safe, and affordable interstate car transport across Melbourne?

Welcome to Auto Mover – a trusted name for vehicle transport with an Australia-wide network.

With more than a decade of high-value service and a team of expert transport professionals, we can ensure the safest and timely movement of your cars. Whether you want to move your sedan, hatchback, or 4WD, we can address all your auto shipment needs.

Well-Maintained Fleet of Car Carries in Melbourne

At Auto Mover, we have a fleet of purpose-built trucks and trailers to move your car safely. These multi-level carriers guarantee you affordable car transport across Melbourne or any other destination. With both open-air and enclosed car carriers, we give you more choices on how your vehicle should be transported.

If you want to protect your car from weather elements and other external factors, we suggest you choose our enclosed car carriers. It can be the right choice if you want to transport your luxury, sports, or vintage car. On the other hand, open-air carriers allow you to make the service more affordable.

Door to Door Car Transport in Melbourne

At Auto Mover, we are fully flexible with the pickup and delivery priorities of our customers. You can choose either door-to-door or depot-to-deport service based on your convenience. With door-to-door service, we will pick your car from your home, office, or any other location of your preference and deliver the vehicle at the destination address you have mentioned. The depot-to-depot service allows you to drop your car at one of our depots in Melbourne and pick from the depot in your destination city.

Instant Car Transport Melbourne Quotes Online

Regardless of if you want car transport to Melbourne or intrastate transport, we have a competitive pricing policy. The optimised vehicle transport operations and Australia-wide operations allow us to offer car transport services at affordable rates.

You can get an instant FREE quote for your car transport needs by providing us with the details using our quote form. We assure you a transparent and seamless service experience.

Simplified Procedure

We have a straightforward, simplified procedure to choose our service. If you are good to go with our car transport quote, you can call us or contact online to order our service. We have a team of transport specialists who will help you to finalise the service based on your specific needs. You can confirm the preferred pickup date, pickup location, and let us know any specific instructions.

After reserving a place for your car in one of our car carriers, we will update you the driver’s name, contact number, pick up time, and delivery date via phone and email. If you choose door-to-door service, our expert driver will pick your car from your location to our depot and then will move to the vehicle carrier to take to the destination.

We will contact you again before the carrier reaching the destination city and deliver the car at your address after ensuring your availability.

24-Hour Emergency Car Shipping Services

We have streamlined processes at every stage of the transportation, and that allows us to give you fast service. We give you estimated delivery time while booking our service and make every effort to deliver your car within that.

At times, there may have unforeseen issues and slight delays. We consider all these factors when giving you an estimated delivery time based on your preferred pickup hours. You can use our designated tracking system to check the movement of your car and reach out our 24-hour emergency contact if you have questions or concerns.

Schedule Your Car Transport Today

Call us today on 1300 13 88 77 or use our contact form to discuss your car transport needs with us. We will make your car transport seamless with a professional service experience.

Car Transport Melbourne FAQs

Are you moving interstate and looking for professional car transportation services in Melbourne? At Auto Mover, we’re an experienced and reliable car carrying company.

Our car carrying experts have answered some of your frequently asked questions to provide you with more information on car transport in Melbourne. contact us today or call 1300 13 88 77.

Luxury cars are a prized possession for any owner; moving classic cars may require utmost care and attention. Auto Mover has over 9 years of experience providing interstate car transport in Sydney. We have enclosed cars trailers to transport your vehicles safely to your destination.

Among other factors, the cost of shipping cars also depends on the size of the car. More oversized vehicles like SUVs, 4WDs, and vans are costlier to ship compared to smaller vehicles. Modified vehicles with larger tyre size also affect the cost of car transport in Melbourne.

Have you finalised the car carrier in Sydney? Then your car will be picked up on the assigned day. Here either you or a person specified by you has to be available at the pick-up to sign off the formal contract “Bill of Lading.”  It is the joint inspection performed by the driver in the presence of the designated person. A similar process is repeated on the day of delivery of the vehicle.

Professional door-to-door car transport in Sydney, like Auto Mover, will transport your vehicle efficiently even if the vehicle is not in working condition. However, transporting a not-in working condition may incur additional cost as the vehicle will have to be lifted and loaded in the trailer.

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For more information on our Melbourne car carrying and transportation services or for any further questions, contact us today or call us on 1300 13 88 77.


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