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Interstate Car Transport in Australia: Factors Affecting the Cost

Interstate Car Transport in Australia: Factors Affecting the Cost

8 Jun 2023

Interstate Car Transport in Australia: Factors Affecting the Cost

If you plan to transport your car to another state or location and consider car transfer services in Australia, you may wonder why shipping costs vary between companies. Many factors contribute to car transport costs in Australia. In this post, we’ll provide guidance on how to estimate your car shipping costs. It will help you to make an informed decision when choosing a car transport service.

Total Driving Distance

You can save on car shipping costs by reducing distance. While longer distances mean higher fuel, labour, and toll costs, shorter distances translate to lower expenses. Remember that distance is a significant factor affecting car shipping costs in Australia.

Fuel Cost

Fluctuating fuel costs can significantly impact your car’s overall transportation expenses. Higher fuel prices lead to increased shipping costs since transportation services rely heavily on fuel for operations, and they must adjust their prices accordingly to remain profitable. To keep your interstate car transport costs low, it’s essential to monitor fuel prices and select a competitive transportation service.

On average, Australians pay $68.94 to refuel their cars, while 4×4 drivers see a 64% increase, paying $113.02. Before its discontinuation, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that in 2020, passenger vehicles in Australia consumed an average of 11.1L/100km, while motorcycles used about half that amount at 6.1L/100km. Commercial vehicles, such as articulated trucks, consumed much more fuel, reaching up to 53.1L/100km.

In a survey, nearly 90% of Australian respondents reported using petroleum in their primary vehicles, while approximately 10% used diesel. Additionally, 16% of respondents used a blend of petroleum and ethanol.

Vehicle Type

When you opt for value-added services like Certain Delivery Date or enclosed car transport, the price will change accordingly. These premium services will come at a higher cost due to their specialised equipment and loading priority.


Transporting a big automobile can cost you more due to its size and weight. Wheel sizes and height adjustments also impact the vehicle relocation cost. It is because large vehicles take up more space, limiting the number of cars the transportation company can transport. Car specifications do affect the total cost significantly. If you plan to move a luxury or vintage car, be ready to spend more money as it demands extra care and attention from the carrier.

The Season in Which You’re Transporting

Car transportation costs tend to be higher in summer due to increased demand for auto transport services. To find more affordable options, consider moving during winter when demand is lower. However, if you must move in the summer, be prepared to pay a premium. Planning ahead can help you save on transportation expenses.

If your schedule is flexible, consider shipping your car during off-peak seasons. On both coasts, car shipping is busiest from May to September, while another peak season occurs in winter and fall as snowbirds transport their vehicles from colder northern states to warmer southern locations. To save on costs, try to schedule your car shipment outside of these peak times if you live in these areas.

To secure the best rates and availability, it’s recommended that you book your auto transport services several months in advance. This allows the company to allocate the necessary resources and carriers for the job. Waiting too long may result in limited options or the need for expedited car transport, which will cost you even more.


Type of Vehicle Carrier You Choose

Interstate car transport costs in Australia differ depending on whether you select an enclosed or open-air carrier. Open car carriers are designed to handle long-distance transport with ease. They can deliver your autos to their destination on time and in excellent condition. However, if you plan to move a luxury or vintage car and want extra care, you can choose an enclosed carrier. But you will have to pay extra.

Depot vs. Door-to-Door Service

Opting for a door-to-door collection and delivery service will generally be more expensive compared to using a depot service. When planning your budget, take into account the transportation costs associated with getting your vehicle to and from the depot.

While having your car picked up and delivered directly to your home is undeniably convenient, selecting a terminal-to-terminal transport option can save you a substantial amount of money. This method entails dropping off and picking up your vehicle at designated terminals, where other cars are also stored, waiting for their owners. Since the transporter doesn’t need to visit each individual residence, this option is more cost-effective.

With terminal-to-terminal shipping, all you need to do is drive your car to and from the terminals, and the auto transport company will handle the rest. You might even discover that some car shipping terminals are conveniently located near your home.

However, be mindful of potential drawbacks to this option. If you fail to collect your car on the scheduled day, the terminal may impose a daily storage fee, which can add up quickly. Additionally, many terminals lack security, leaving your vehicle exposed to theft—although such incidents are rare.

Find an Expert Interstate Car Transport Service Near You!

Auto Mover is there for you if you want an expert interstate car transport service in your area. Our team specialises in providing reliable and efficient transportation for your vehicle. As a result, we can guarantee a hassle-free experience.

Whether you’re moving across the country or buying a car from out of state, we can help you with interstate transportation service. We use our expertise to transport your car interstate safely and securely. Contact Us to discuss more about our services and receive a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average time required to transport a car interstate in Australia can vary based on many factors. It may include the distance travelled, type of shipment requested, and costs associated with the move that may affect this timeframe. Also, unforeseen circumstances could delay transit times.

If you want urgent responses or express delivery options, many specialised logistic companies cater to such requests. Thus, choosing an interstate vehicle transport service provider pre-approved by your insurer is vital. You can call our expert to discuss it in detail.

Most auto insurers offer some vehicle coverage while they are transported by a professional transporter or motor carrier. With this coverage, your car will be protected from damage caused by debris and other hazards that can occur during transport.

But you should check with your insurance company to ensure the coverage meets the requirements for transporting a vehicle over long distances. In most cases, an additional fee may need to be paid for this extra protection to take effect. Additionally, you must provide any pertinent details about the route or distance of the transport when talking to your insurer. It can also impact their coverage terms and security measures.

Ensuring your vehicle has adequate insurance before and after transportation is good practice. The unanticipated costs could lead to significant expenses if not appropriately prepared beforehand.

Yes, you can undoubtedly pack personal belongings in your car during transport. However, you should meet certain terms and conditions to ensure the safety of your belongings and transport crew.

You should ensure that all items brought into the vehicle are properly secured and will not move around while the car is on its journey.

For larger vehicles such as a van or truck, you may have more flexibility regarding weight distribution across the carrier bed. So, it can give you more flexibility if you want to bring large items along. First, however, ensure that their total weight is at most what is allowed by law for the specific vehicle being used for transport.

It’s good to check with your transporter regarding any specific rules they have about carrying personal belongings before loading them into their vehicles. Due to liability concerns, each vehicle transporter might have different policies on this issue.

If you want to transport your car interstate in Australia, relying on a reputed car shipping service is best. However, a little preparation can make the process go even smoother. You can make your vehicle ready for interstate transport by:
  • Giving your car a good clean.
  • Inspecting the vehicle exterior.
  • Cleaning and securing your car interior.
  • Conducting a maintenance check.
  • Ensuring you have an extra set of keys.
Moving your car to a different state is challenging. However, you can make the process smoother and hassle-free with some planning and preparation.

You may have to consider many crucial factors while choosing a reliable car transport company.

  • It’s vital to research the company’s track record of customer service and quality of service. Make sure they have positive reviews and good ratings.
  • You should also choose companies that offer affordable prices and discounts on services that may be needed, such as additional insurance or expedited shipping.
  • You can ask about any hidden fees or surcharges you might be charged for your transportation needs before signing any contracts with the car transport company.
  • It is also essential to enquire how long the car transport company has been operating and what credentials they possess.
  • You can ensure that they are appropriately licensed and insured. In addition, it will help you to feel confident about entrusting them with your vehicle delivery needs.
  • It would be helpful to ask if the staff employed by the company are experienced and understand how to safely move vehicles over a long distance without causing damage along the way.

Additionally, you can choose a reputable auto transporter willing to provide you with the expected service and care. It will offer you peace of mind and service satisfaction.

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